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Going out into the woods, whether it's a wildlife reserve, a privately owned forest or a national park has with it the dangers of being lost. Sure, you may say that you know the woods like the back of your hand but you can never be too safe when it comes with the outdoors. Even with the advent of satellite tracking technology, it's always a good idea to know how to use a compass and map. Picking up this great survival skill will surely come in handy if your GPS ever breaks down and you find yourself in an unfamiliar territory. Most experienced hikers never leave home without taking their compass with them. Without a compass the best hikers say you go by the sun rising and setting from the east to the west. Buy the best compasses from our online store and add a powerful tool in your camping gear that may just save your life. is the marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts to buy and sell used, vintage, and new outdoor gear online. Welcome to the ultimate outdoor gear and adventure website.