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Saltwater Rod and Reel combo

Becoming a more serious enthusiast or a competitive angler will expose you to the finer points of the sport. When choosing a new or used deep sea fishing rod or reel, it is recommended to find out if the main inside parts like the ball bearings, gears, etc., are all or mostly a steel called stainless. The same goes for the outside hardware of the rod along with the quality rod coating. The inside of the rod should be made of a quality fiberglass or carbon fiber material. The reason being the rod will last longer and the reel inside parts will rust quickly in salt water if they are made of regular metal. This makes for typically more expensive equipment. But, in the long run by the savings on maintenance and better resale it is clearly worth the extra money to spend. This difference in price however will pay for itself when you get the most out of your saltwater rod and reel. You may choose to go on relaxing freshwater trips or you may venture off shore for a more exciting saltwater excursion, hunting a large game fish like the marlin. With the latter, you need the appropriate rod and reel combo. With the right tackle you’re sure to become proficient at deep sea fishing.