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Spinnerbaits buzzbaits

Catching the attention of bass is the name of the game with the spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. The former creates a visual display that catches the eye of the fish and the latter adds the added allure of sounds. To the fish, these flashy lures are like struggling or dying fish or insects. When fishing with these two types of lures, you're certain to land that bass. Most experienced anglers no matter fresh or saltwater feel that they always want to have on hand both spinnerbaits and buzzbaits depending on how many spots they blast off to during that particular fishing day. If they choose to get into deeper water versus in a cove with tall reeds or low hanging limbs from the banks, will depend on if they choose to use a spinnerbait or buzzbait. A small spinner bait lure that resembles a shiny shad or a buzz bait that resembles a type of large insect could work well depending on what the anglers knowledge is of each spot he/she chooses to fish in. The right decision could end up being a nice catch. A spinner or buzzbait lure can be made out of wood, metal, plastic or hard rubber with a shiny spinning piece attached that will spin when pulled through the water or will make a type of noise like a struggling large insect on the water's surface. It can really fool the fish if used in proper conditions. Buy your spinner and buzz baits from our online store and test it out on your next trip. is the marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts to buy and sell used, vintage, and new outdoor gear online. Welcome to the ultimate outdoor gear and adventure website.