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Casting Rods

Be at your best competitive level with the right rod and reel combination. For great accuracy and perfectly placed baits, choose the best casting rod fit for your reel, line, bait and technique. Casting rods can be freshwater or saltwater. The key thing to remember is to perfect the cast. We recommend that an angular actually practice casting in a field the grass has been cut a few days before and try out your skills. Usually you will find out where our weaknesses are and try to improve them. If an angler feels the bad habit needs some input. Always find a fishing guide for your type fishing and ask them to just help you cast for just an hour or so, if they wouldn’t mind. Tell them you will pay them for an hours instruction. Our online store carries a variety of rods for sale as well as an assortment of accessories. We have ones for every type of reel and individual preference. Whether you're a freshwater and saltwater angler, we have the right rod for you. Buy yours today and never have trouble with accuracy again. With our extensive selection, you're certain to find an awesome deal. is the marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts to buy and sell used, vintage, and new outdoor gear online. Welcome to the ultimate outdoor gear and adventure website.